The amazing story.

What makes us different is not what we do, but instead what we don’t do. You might even say, we’re the oposite of everything else you’ve tried.

There is no shortage of opinions of what you should do with your money, even before you saved your first dollar. Anti Budget will demystify saving money by focus on the starting line instead of the finish line, making showing up easy. Built for normal people, bad days will happen and we don’t pile on to make you feel worse.

Unlike a fad diets or complex recipes, we help you build sustainable changes in money habits that only takes minutes to maintain. Get back to living your best life.

Our Mission
Demystifying saving money, paying off debt and have a life.
People First
Accessibility to all levels of financial literacy equals freedom.
No Bullshit
Dead simple approach with a sprinkle of gamification baked in.
The opposite of everything else! I’ve always been anxious about running out of money before the end of the month, not anymore... never again.
Olivia from California
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Pay down debt more efficiently, build sustainable change in money habits and improve your credit score.

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